Friday, 7 December 2012

Mini Water Vortex Lamp - a review

I was given one of these two years ago for Christmas. I think. Or maybe one year.

Anyway, it has sat in its box all this time, even though I wanted to get it on display, I didn't have anywhere to put it.

This year I bought one massive desk, so tonight the lamp got its first outing.

It is really easy to set up, not sure where the instructions are, but I may have gotten them out when I received the lamp. I filled it with water, set it on the desk and plugged it in.

There is a lovely show of different colours, and the water really did vortex. Little air bubbles swoosh around in the water. Really captivating to watch. The only, major, downside is the noise. It is really noisy, and I actually had to turn it off so I could study, which is a shame, because it is lovely to look at. It sounds like a fish tank when the filter isn't quite submerged.

All in all, a great product, but not executed as well as it could be.

Here is a little film clip, to show the lamp off.

Hmm.. Well there will be soon.

**cue next post about Googles apps!**

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

Just started to watch this show, and quickly realised why I stopped watching.

In tears already! It is so emotional. What a great show though, I love what these people do, of course it is all tv etc but what a great thing to do.

It does make me laugh though when Ty says;

'you all live in this small house? You'll have to fit in this small sitting room?'
'all 3 of you have to share this one bathroom?'

Has he ever been in a British house?! One bathroom is more than normal, and the sitting rooms he condemns on his show are about the size of the whole downstairs of a normal semi detached house in the UK!

But still, Americanisms aside, it is a fantastic show! Just keep the tissues handy for all the tears!

Oh, I almost forgot to add, how adorable is Xzibit? What a nice guy he seems!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Room review

I downloaded this app/game for my third generation iPad. 
It cost £2.99

Wow, well worth the money! 

The idea is, you are locked in a room and need to get out. You are presented with a box with multiple connected puzzles which you must solve. It reminds me of a Japanese puzzle box slightly. Different parts affect other areas of the box etc. 

The graphics are beautiful. Not often does something really wow me, but this did. Absolutely stunning graphics and design as well. The game is well thought out and planned, hints available when you need them, and they are good hints. They don't just tell you what to do, but actually give a hint which is unusual in most puzzle solving games!

I seem to have lost sight of the Room part of the game, because, as you progress you seem to go further in, but it seems irrelevant anyway, as you are so immersed in gameplay.

Sadly, the game was over all too soon, although you are left with the promise of more to come.

Massive congratulations to Fireproof games, what an achievement for your first release. I will be keeping a close eye on what else you have to offer in future.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee

I have just caught the end of the concert on tv. The poor Queen. She looks a bit stressed. Her husband is in hospital and no doubt she is really worried, but doesn't want to disappoint the nation who want to celebrate her jubilee with her. Here is hoping that that Prince Philip recovers well, and of course a massive congratulations to her majesty on her 60 years as Queen.

Friday, 1 June 2012

3rd Generation iPad Review

Well, my birthday present this year was an iPad! I was shocked, although I had guessed beforehand from the countless hints dropped by my boyfriend who was more excited than I.

Never having owned an iPad before, I cannot compare between the iPad 1, 2 or 3rd gen. but here is my thoughts on the 3rd gen.

Upon first opening it, I was a bit confused by the lack of instructions.  I know we are in the age of technology, but I couldn't find where to put the sim card.  After looking on YouTube for a tutorial on this, calling 3 because the sim card was too big, then looking back in the bag and finding the correct simcard (yes, a little embarrassing - I was just so excited!) I got going with my iPad.

It is rather heavier than I expected- not uncomfortably so, but I wouldn't recommend carrying it in your handbag all day long.

The screen is crisp, clear and bright.  It adjusts itself for different levels of lighting in the room which is quite a nice feature. It is big enough to watch films and TV shows on, whilst still being compact. Game play is a breeze, the iPad almost hearing your thoughts before you touch the screen so you only have to lightly tap or swipe and it responds.

App store
I am also new to the app store.  I do like this, but having an android phone, find that a lot of games and apps which are free on android, must be purchased through the app store.

There doesn't appear to be a way to sort by price or paid/free which is no doubt by design but would help customers a lot and no doubt boost customer satisfaction.

The camera on the iPad is very nice for a device of its kind, although action shots tend to blur slightly - ask my rabbits! The screen camera is good for it's purpose, not as clear as the back one but for Skype etc. more than sufficient.

The gallery is easy to browse through and the quality of pictures on screen is fantastic.

I dislike the e-mail function on the iPad, mainly because you cannot easily log out.  Other family members like to use the iPad as well and I do not like that all my personal e-mails are just a click away.  So I have actually stopped using this service, opting to check my email through the browser instead, which is a shame as it would be very useful to just have it all a click and password away.

It is a good device, but merely a vessel, a blank canvas if you will, to do with what you please, be that, downloading films / music from iTunes, downloading games / apps from the App Store, showing off your holiday photo's or typing up that assignment due in next week (although I would suggest using a laptop to do the latter or you may end up with a few spelling errors!).

In fact - my laptop is barely used anymore for browsing the web and gaming.

But it is getting a look in today as I type this!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Knitting a scarf.

I started this scarf last December as a Christmas gift for a friends.

Four months later...

I'm only about half way through it and am sick of the sight of it!

Who fancies finishing it for me?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women's Day

So the 8th of March is here.

International Women's Day. Not something which has really been celebrated commercially in Britain before.  Fortunately, the card companies haven't jumped onto the bandwagon just yet.  Although, I did hear many mentions of Women's Day on the television and news today, so no doubt, next year, Clintons will be squeezing this one in between Valentines Day and Mother's Day.

From my understanding, Women's Day (apparantly, originally called 'International Working Women's Day') is essentially a celebration of female independance and it's (slow) progress.

The holiday has been around since the early 1900's and from what I read, it is a national holiday in many Eastern European countries and Russia (due to the former Soviet regime) and in other countries as well.

Well, with my boyfriend being from Russia, I got treated today. (Probably because I reminded him yesterday! But I'm still counting it!)

Feeling very special.  He did let me think he'd forgotten though.  Only bought them in after dinner - really had me going!

Happy Women's Day to all the ladies out there and a big congratulations on how far we've all come!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Swirly Nail Art

Ever since someone mentioned this, I've wanted to try it.

Essentially, what you do, is get a cup (or recepticle of some form!) of water.  Then pick a few nail polish colours - whatever you want, and drip them in the water.  Put one colour in first, it will spread out on the surface, then the next in the centre of that and keep going until you have a big circle.

Get a toothpick or needle or similar, and make swirls in the circle, or whatever pattern you want.

Then, having given your nail a base coat first, and put some sellotape over the skin around your nail,
I tried a few weeks back and it was awful, I couldn't get the nail polish to sit right etc on the water - so I put it down to my years old nail polish and gave up.

On my way home tonight I picked up some new, colourful nail polishes.  Was going to get Barry M but they didn't have the usual 3 for 2 offer on (which seems to run about 49 weeks of the year! I'm not paying full price!) but GOSH had a bargain bin full of bits and pieces.  I got 4 nail polishes - red, blue, yellow and white for £2 each.

Well, the yellow turned out to be more sparkly gold, the white turned out to be a base really, not white.  So I used red and blue.

It took some doing, but eventually got into the swing of it. 

I did drop the red nail polish into the glass of water though! Woops! I now have blue and red swirly nail polish all over my fingers as I had to fish it back out!

Not the effect I was going for!

Just need to tidy up the edges

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hats off to you

So, it's cold.  Very cold.

I found a hat from my box out 'outdoor wear' (yes - I have a box of outdoor wear) this morning and grabbed it to wear on my way home from work.

It's kind of knitted, with a fleece lining.  Snug. And so warm.  Not particularly sexy or anything.  But who cares.

It's so warm I'm still wearing it.  And it's true what they say, all the heat goes out of your head.  Because I'm so toasty warm.

Even if I do look a bit daft sitting in the house wearing a hat.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Bunny Birthday!


 Bailey when we got her - I forgot how fluffy she was!
Aww I forgot how little she was!

 And Binky when we got her - she was so little and cute!

Bailey when she was little - doing what she does best - eating!  This is before I learnt not to use wood shavings by the way!

And a couple of weeks ago - all grown up!

My little girls are 1 today! 

I had forgotten how tiny and cute and FLUFFY they used to be! And considering they are still tiny, cute and fluffy, that's impressive!

I love them so much.  I love my snuggles with them both and can't imagine being without them.

Happy birthday Bailey and Binky :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back in studying!

So - I have just spent the afternoon completing an assignment for my Open University course.

It is the first one - and I don't think it counts to anything, it's just a sample to get us into things and see how it all works. 

It should have been completed and with my tutor on the 1st February.  NOT a good start really - time has got away with me.  But at least I've learnt my lesson early on with that little problem!

So I am going to post it on Monday and hope he doesn't mind - I have e-mailed to apologise.  I feel like a silly school girl though - I shouldn't be handing in assignments late at my age. 

I am, on the other hand, proud of myself for sitting and doing it all this afternoon.  I think I did ok as well so *fingers crossed*.

There was a computer marked test as well  - I realised on the first of  Feb, so did that in the final hours of the day.  I got 87/100 - so quite pleased with that - I did struggle a little on a few questions, but having left it until the last minute - stupidly - I can only blame myself for not having the time to commit without going over another deadline.

I have the first tutorial next week where I will meet other people studying and the tutor - so looking forward to that - it will be nice to speak with others in the same boat as me :)

Monday, 30 January 2012


I have just been catching up from before Christmas on my Sky plus.

I have missed a few episodes here and there - lost interest at one point, but my interest is back with a vengeance! 

Even my boyfriend sat and watching 2 episodes with me tonight - and didn't complain.  He got a bit fidgety towards the end, but lasted much longer than I expected.

I must confess - I have a bit of a girl crush on Santana - I think she's great - really gorgeous and such a fantastic character in the show - and her catty comments are only second to Sue!

But Sue Sylvester is my favourite character still.  She has me in stitches!!!  Some of the things she says are just hilarious! 

I also like Coach Beaste - I feel so sorry for her - she really likes that man and I hope it works out for them!

Still got a couple of episodes to bring me up to date - no spoilers please!

I know a lot of people dislike Glee, saying they spoil songs etc. - but I for one, enjoy a much richer and wider variety of music thanks to Glee.  There are a lot of teenagers out there who would never have heard Billy Joel's Only the Good Die Young - if it wasn't for Glee.  I am now a huge Billy Joel fan so thanks Puck!

Once you hear the Glee version, you set off in search of the original - and then begin to experience such a wide range of music thanks to Glee.

Thanks Glee!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Security Shield Virus

I got in late last night - ie. about 1am.

Just checked my e-mails before bed - as you do - and checked on my blog (getting a little obsessive!).

Then suddenly an anti-virus popped up on my screen telling me I must act now to remove virus etc.  It wouldn't let me click away - I had to click decline etc.
I know it isn't my anti-virus as I use anti vir and haven't installed anything else.

So I gathered it was a virus pretending to be an anti-virus software.

It took ages - I was up until gone 3am sorting it.  I downloaded Malwarebytes to fix it - but the virus was preventing me from installing it! I got really worried!

It's all gone now - sorted it out - actually, I restarted my laptop and windows did most of it and restored  my laptop.  So thanks Microsoft.

But it has got me thinking.  If that happened to my dad, he wouldn't know any better than to believe this programme claiming to be his anti-virus.  He doesn't know what is installed on his laptop.  He would have happily 'renewed' his bank details and have been conned by it.  Well - he would have rang me to check first.  Other people wouldn't though.

So watch out for this everyone - it looks quite convincing.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bun Ring Hair Update!!

Wow - thanks to a comment about this, I have now discovered Sock Ring Hair.

The Theory is that you can make a bun ring with a sock.  Finally, a use for all those odd socks!

Cut off the toe of the sock, and roll it up into a ring - that's it.

Probably wash it first of course.

But the way of putting your hair up in it, is so nice.  You can do this with a normal bun ring of course.

Pop your hair into a ponytail as before.  Instead of putting the bun ring at the base, put it on the end of the ponytail and roll all the hair into it, turning the bun ring as it goes down and spreading the hair out.

The result...

Much fuller, no need for clips or extra bobbles, it holds itself up.  The above is my first attempt and, besides a few flyaways, it looks so full! Someone commented on it when I was in town earlier :-D 

Apparantly, if you sleep on it like this, it gives incredible curls.  I shall update in the morning on those!

New Handbag

Recently, my trusty handbag has been looking...for want of a better word, gross.

It is past it's prime. My little angel rabbits have chewed the straps open. It had gotten to the point where, quite frankly, I'm embarrassed to be seen with it!

I've spent days pondering over which type of bag to get. It must, of course, match my new ski jacket!

Well, I am trying to save money. I spotted this bag in New Look on sale for £5. Down from £12.99. I don't even know if I like it yet, but anything is better than my current bag!

I do feel a little bad. This bag has served me well, surely I can't just bin it? Can I? Maybe I should bury it. That would be a bit weird though. In the bin you go old bag!

I feel like such a traitor!

Moscow State Circus


I recently went to see the Babushkin Sekret. 

It started off with a bit of prancing about with violins as props and a extremely odd 'storyline' about Soviet Russia and some man loosing his chairs.  There were a few glances exchanged in the audience.

But - it picked up after that. 

There was a couple of clowns - proper clowns - not like Uncle Michael dressed up at your birthday party.  They were brilliant, climbing ladders to nowhere etc.

A man and woman doing the ribbons/ropes - they were brilliant and it was so beautiful to watch.

There was an older man who was incredible - tumbling and acrobating around - fantastic.

They did grab a few people out of the audience - at which point I started to completely freak out, being on the end of a row! I managed to move during the interval thankfully.  There was some poor woman made to hula hoop with her bum.  Felt so bad for her, but it was so funny and she took it really well.

All in all - a great night out.  Not sure if I would pay the £24 again, it was very good, but I think that was a little steep.

They are still touring the UK - I believe they come every year or 2.

If anyone can tell me what the music is called on the website I would appreciate it - it was played during the circus and I really like it!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bun Ring Hair

Along with a new ski jacket, I also bought a bun ring yesterday for my hair.  (I bought 2 new pairs of shoes and snuck them into the house, but that's another story - which ends in blisters on my heels!)

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, this is a bun ring.

I got it in New Look for £2.99 and they come in different hair colours.

Basically - you tie your hair in a ponytail, wherever you want the bun.  Just a normal ponytail, or backcombed etc.  Mine was normal - we all know my backcombing history.

Then slide the the bun ring around the ponytail - so it just sits there like a doughnut on your head, with the ponytail going through it.

Then pull the hair back over the ring, so it covers it - no fancy twisting etc, just pull it over and pin it.

My hair is quite long, so I pulled it over and snapped a hair bobble around the whole thing, and then pinned the ends in.  My arms ached when I tried to pin the whole thing - and no-one can see the bobble.  Then just spritzed with hairspray.

This is the finished product - well - the finished product after a whole day at work.  It has held up brilliantly!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New ski jacket!

I have just purchased...

The 'Women's Whistler Ski Jacket' from Mountain Warehouse.

It should have been £99.99 and was on sale for £49.99 - I liked it better with the stripes in green, rather than pink - and because it was green, it was £39.99 - obviously not as popular.  I've never been a fan of that dark pink in clothes - especially jackets.  In reality, it's slightly closer to fuchsia/purple.  The green is quite bright and refreshing.

I ripped my ski jacket last winter. Not skiing sadly, just out and about.  It's so cold in the winter that you really need something like this to keep warm.  My nice, donated, Primark coat is lovely, but far too thin for this wind and rain!

I can't wait to wear it out tomorrow.  It's so comfy.  

After trying a size 10 Ski Jacket in TK Maxx, which was too small on the arms and back, I made a beeline for the 12 today in Mountain Warehouse. It swamped me!  So I tried the 10 and it was just a little loose, which is perfect, because I can get a fleece under it that way etc.   It just goes to show different sizes in different shops.  

I find myself almost hoping it's going to snow.  Or at the very least, rain!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Product Review - Braun Silk-├ępil Xelle Epilator

My mum bought me this for Christmas after my epilator (a Remington - about 7/8 years old!) was just not handling it well.

It was a cordless one, but unfortunately the battery only lasted for one leg at a time - and you couldn't run it off the mains.  So it usually took 2 days to do both legs!

I am amazed with the Braun.  It is not wireless, which disappointed me initially, but I have realised now that, my battery won't go!  The cord is long enough, and, except getting it tangled around my legs a couple of time, it wasn't an issue. It comes with 3 different type fixtures - epilator,razor and one I believe is for bikini.

It is has 2 settings soft and optimal.  I went straight to optimal.  It isn't quiet (I don't know any epilators which are though), but wow it works.  And fast.  It was almost on a par with using an electric shaver (no, I didn't have the wrong attachment on!).  

It also has a little light - which is very bright and really useful.   It wasn't a feature which interested me - I thought it was more gimmicky than useful, but I love the light.  I can now see, with ease, which bits I've missed and can spot all those little hairs which try to escape.

I am yet to try the other 2 attachments and the ice glove.  I shall try the ice glove with the bikini attachment definitely!  I will add my thoughts on those in a couple of weeks.

But so far - 10/10 - I'm so impressed!

Friday, 20 January 2012

What's in Vogue...

I have just found myself checking out the Vogue website to see what is in fashion.  As I am completely clueless.

It appears that for spring summer 2012 heavy metal make up is in.  Need to experiment with that - not sure if I'd be brave enough to wear it!

Also, sadly, big hair is still in. Well - all the hair looked pulled back, but backcombed so it was bouffant.  I love it - I do - but I just cannot achieve the same look on myself! 

I think this is one of the times when practise does not make perfect.

I'll try again tomorrow.  Practise may well make close enough :)

When you run... you ever feel your bum wobble? Since Christmas I have! When jogging upstairs mainly. It's not good. I really should put down these Pringles and get some proper dinner. Now, where did I put the takeaway menu....

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Rain rain go away...

I had the choice tonight.  Walk home from work. Or stay late and get a lift in an hour.

I chose wrong.

It is pouring it down! My feet are soaking, my shoes are pouring water as are my socks.  My trousers have soaked up water to about knee level.

I wrapped my scarf around my head in an attempt to keep dry.  It didn't work.  I now have a wet scarf to deal with as well as wet hair.

My glasses got all splattered.  So I had a difficult decision to make; do I keep them on and not see where I'm going, or do I take them off or not see where I'm going?  (I chose the later).

Then - to top it all off - it hailed.  Ouch ouch ouch!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My New Discovery

Prepared Vegetables.

I was wandering around Waitrose the other night, just popped in to find some 'butter milk' (see previous cake entry!) and I discovered these...

Prepared potatoes - garlic and rosemary with potatoes and red onions. 

They come in a foil packet, there is enough for two, and you just peel the top off and pop in the oven for about 45 minutes.  They also sell Mediterranean roast vegetables (really nice) and a few other varieties.  

Just perfect when you've been at work all day and really don't fancy faffing about peeling potatoes and veg etc.

Even better, they are 2 for £3!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Hot Water Bottle

mmmmmm...Toasty Warm!

Am I like an old lady for having one (ok - two)?  I love them.  I would strap them to my body when I leave the house if I didn't think that was crossing a line.

One on each leg, one on each arm and one front and back.

Who needs a fleece?!

That is all.

Ultimate chocolate cake recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

I have been baking tonight.

I tried a new recipe for a chocolate cake - I found it on the BBC good food website - through googling 'Chocolate cake' - nice and simple! (The recipe is linked above).
The reviews were great - so I thought I'd try.

Wasn't sure at first - it sounded really dark chocolaty, and sugary. But WOW! It is the squishiest, yummy cake I've had for such a long time!
It didn't look much to be fair, but that's my presentation skills I have no doubt!
I'll upload a photo tomorrow - you'll all be so impressed!

The kitchen looks such a mess....

...I'll clean it up tomorrow.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Gas and Electric meter readings

Just uploaded mine to the providers website.  
Can't see what the bill will be yet though, and don't have the patience to try and figure it out!

Thankfully, I have about £400 credit with the company, because my direct debits have been too high this year (as planned by me, so the winter bills wouldn't cripple me!).

I'll be very upset if it's more than that though - I'm starting to see it as a little savings account!

UPDATE - In total just short of £300 for gas and electric for 3 months.  That seems steep to me! But it was Christmas so we have not been at work etc.  Luckily it's covered by the credit - phew!!  Have now set the heating on a strict timer, 1 hour in the morning, 2 in the evening.  That is all - woolly jumpers the rest of the time!

What is a Logarithm?

I have just started to study again.  Mathematics.  Hmmm - we will see!

I'm currently at the revision stage - getting up to base level for the course I'm going to do.  

Logarithms have thrown me.  I can't understand their purpose.  I know there must be one, but can't understand what it is.  And without that, I'm struggling to get my head around how to do them!

So A = B^c is equal to  LOGbA = C

Ok - so what the heck is an anti-logarithm!

If I spent less time on here, and more time trying to figure it out, I may have got it by now to be fair.

Just so funny!

Very immature.  But oh so funny!

Backcombing Hair

I've been practising this all weekend.

All the 'cool' people are doing it.  I feel left out.

I have just below shoulder length hair.  I can do the back combing bit.  Just about.  It's the styling after that that's the problem!  It just flattens straight away.  I can't figure it out. I end up with really thick, matted bits on my head which aren't any higher than normal!

I've done everything the copious youtube video's tell me to do, yet it still won't work.

I think I'm doomed to have flat hair!  The hairdresser put it up once, and I LOVED it - so much so that I slept with it up still haha - and it held!  But I can't do it myself.

Might watch a few more youtubes.  Or ask my teenage sister.  She seems pretty clued up on it!

My first blog post

So, I imagine you're wondering about the title?

Well - I bought 2 boxes of mint matchmakers over Christmas.  I know I shouldn't eat them because they make me feel sick. But I like them so much. So I bought them.

I started one box.  Ate a couple and started to think 'Ok, I should stop now, I'm starting to feel a bit sick'.
5 minutes later, I've eaten about 10 more.  And know I'm going to feel ill.  Over half way through the box I finally put them in the other room so I can't be tempted.  But spend the next hour feeling poorly.

I know mint doesn't agree with me - apparently (sometimes I feel a bit sick when I use mint toothpaste!).  But I'll never learn.

Just finished the second box.  That's it.  They've gone.  I shan't buy them again.