Sunday, 15 January 2012

Backcombing Hair

I've been practising this all weekend.

All the 'cool' people are doing it.  I feel left out.

I have just below shoulder length hair.  I can do the back combing bit.  Just about.  It's the styling after that that's the problem!  It just flattens straight away.  I can't figure it out. I end up with really thick, matted bits on my head which aren't any higher than normal!

I've done everything the copious youtube video's tell me to do, yet it still won't work.

I think I'm doomed to have flat hair!  The hairdresser put it up once, and I LOVED it - so much so that I slept with it up still haha - and it held!  But I can't do it myself.

Might watch a few more youtubes.  Or ask my teenage sister.  She seems pretty clued up on it!

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