Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bun Ring Hair

Along with a new ski jacket, I also bought a bun ring yesterday for my hair.  (I bought 2 new pairs of shoes and snuck them into the house, but that's another story - which ends in blisters on my heels!)

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, this is a bun ring.

I got it in New Look for £2.99 and they come in different hair colours.

Basically - you tie your hair in a ponytail, wherever you want the bun.  Just a normal ponytail, or backcombed etc.  Mine was normal - we all know my backcombing history.

Then slide the the bun ring around the ponytail - so it just sits there like a doughnut on your head, with the ponytail going through it.

Then pull the hair back over the ring, so it covers it - no fancy twisting etc, just pull it over and pin it.

My hair is quite long, so I pulled it over and snapped a hair bobble around the whole thing, and then pinned the ends in.  My arms ached when I tried to pin the whole thing - and no-one can see the bobble.  Then just spritzed with hairspray.

This is the finished product - well - the finished product after a whole day at work.  It has held up brilliantly!

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