Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New ski jacket!

I have just purchased...

The 'Women's Whistler Ski Jacket' from Mountain Warehouse.

It should have been £99.99 and was on sale for £49.99 - I liked it better with the stripes in green, rather than pink - and because it was green, it was £39.99 - obviously not as popular.  I've never been a fan of that dark pink in clothes - especially jackets.  In reality, it's slightly closer to fuchsia/purple.  The green is quite bright and refreshing.

I ripped my ski jacket last winter. Not skiing sadly, just out and about.  It's so cold in the winter that you really need something like this to keep warm.  My nice, donated, Primark coat is lovely, but far too thin for this wind and rain!

I can't wait to wear it out tomorrow.  It's so comfy.  

After trying a size 10 Ski Jacket in TK Maxx, which was too small on the arms and back, I made a beeline for the 12 today in Mountain Warehouse. It swamped me!  So I tried the 10 and it was just a little loose, which is perfect, because I can get a fleece under it that way etc.   It just goes to show different sizes in different shops.  

I find myself almost hoping it's going to snow.  Or at the very least, rain!

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