Sunday, 22 January 2012

Product Review - Braun Silk-épil Xelle Epilator

My mum bought me this for Christmas after my epilator (a Remington - about 7/8 years old!) was just not handling it well.

It was a cordless one, but unfortunately the battery only lasted for one leg at a time - and you couldn't run it off the mains.  So it usually took 2 days to do both legs!

I am amazed with the Braun.  It is not wireless, which disappointed me initially, but I have realised now that, my battery won't go!  The cord is long enough, and, except getting it tangled around my legs a couple of time, it wasn't an issue. It comes with 3 different type fixtures - epilator,razor and one I believe is for bikini.

It is has 2 settings soft and optimal.  I went straight to optimal.  It isn't quiet (I don't know any epilators which are though), but wow it works.  And fast.  It was almost on a par with using an electric shaver (no, I didn't have the wrong attachment on!).  

It also has a little light - which is very bright and really useful.   It wasn't a feature which interested me - I thought it was more gimmicky than useful, but I love the light.  I can now see, with ease, which bits I've missed and can spot all those little hairs which try to escape.

I am yet to try the other 2 attachments and the ice glove.  I shall try the ice glove with the bikini attachment definitely!  I will add my thoughts on those in a couple of weeks.

But so far - 10/10 - I'm so impressed!

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