Thursday, 16 February 2012

Swirly Nail Art

Ever since someone mentioned this, I've wanted to try it.

Essentially, what you do, is get a cup (or recepticle of some form!) of water.  Then pick a few nail polish colours - whatever you want, and drip them in the water.  Put one colour in first, it will spread out on the surface, then the next in the centre of that and keep going until you have a big circle.

Get a toothpick or needle or similar, and make swirls in the circle, or whatever pattern you want.

Then, having given your nail a base coat first, and put some sellotape over the skin around your nail,
I tried a few weeks back and it was awful, I couldn't get the nail polish to sit right etc on the water - so I put it down to my years old nail polish and gave up.

On my way home tonight I picked up some new, colourful nail polishes.  Was going to get Barry M but they didn't have the usual 3 for 2 offer on (which seems to run about 49 weeks of the year! I'm not paying full price!) but GOSH had a bargain bin full of bits and pieces.  I got 4 nail polishes - red, blue, yellow and white for £2 each.

Well, the yellow turned out to be more sparkly gold, the white turned out to be a base really, not white.  So I used red and blue.

It took some doing, but eventually got into the swing of it. 

I did drop the red nail polish into the glass of water though! Woops! I now have blue and red swirly nail polish all over my fingers as I had to fish it back out!

Not the effect I was going for!

Just need to tidy up the edges

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hats off to you

So, it's cold.  Very cold.

I found a hat from my box out 'outdoor wear' (yes - I have a box of outdoor wear) this morning and grabbed it to wear on my way home from work.

It's kind of knitted, with a fleece lining.  Snug. And so warm.  Not particularly sexy or anything.  But who cares.

It's so warm I'm still wearing it.  And it's true what they say, all the heat goes out of your head.  Because I'm so toasty warm.

Even if I do look a bit daft sitting in the house wearing a hat.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Bunny Birthday!


 Bailey when we got her - I forgot how fluffy she was!
Aww I forgot how little she was!

 And Binky when we got her - she was so little and cute!

Bailey when she was little - doing what she does best - eating!  This is before I learnt not to use wood shavings by the way!

And a couple of weeks ago - all grown up!

My little girls are 1 today! 

I had forgotten how tiny and cute and FLUFFY they used to be! And considering they are still tiny, cute and fluffy, that's impressive!

I love them so much.  I love my snuggles with them both and can't imagine being without them.

Happy birthday Bailey and Binky :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back in studying!

So - I have just spent the afternoon completing an assignment for my Open University course.

It is the first one - and I don't think it counts to anything, it's just a sample to get us into things and see how it all works. 

It should have been completed and with my tutor on the 1st February.  NOT a good start really - time has got away with me.  But at least I've learnt my lesson early on with that little problem!

So I am going to post it on Monday and hope he doesn't mind - I have e-mailed to apologise.  I feel like a silly school girl though - I shouldn't be handing in assignments late at my age. 

I am, on the other hand, proud of myself for sitting and doing it all this afternoon.  I think I did ok as well so *fingers crossed*.

There was a computer marked test as well  - I realised on the first of  Feb, so did that in the final hours of the day.  I got 87/100 - so quite pleased with that - I did struggle a little on a few questions, but having left it until the last minute - stupidly - I can only blame myself for not having the time to commit without going over another deadline.

I have the first tutorial next week where I will meet other people studying and the tutor - so looking forward to that - it will be nice to speak with others in the same boat as me :)