Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back in studying!

So - I have just spent the afternoon completing an assignment for my Open University course.

It is the first one - and I don't think it counts to anything, it's just a sample to get us into things and see how it all works. 

It should have been completed and with my tutor on the 1st February.  NOT a good start really - time has got away with me.  But at least I've learnt my lesson early on with that little problem!

So I am going to post it on Monday and hope he doesn't mind - I have e-mailed to apologise.  I feel like a silly school girl though - I shouldn't be handing in assignments late at my age. 

I am, on the other hand, proud of myself for sitting and doing it all this afternoon.  I think I did ok as well so *fingers crossed*.

There was a computer marked test as well  - I realised on the first of  Feb, so did that in the final hours of the day.  I got 87/100 - so quite pleased with that - I did struggle a little on a few questions, but having left it until the last minute - stupidly - I can only blame myself for not having the time to commit without going over another deadline.

I have the first tutorial next week where I will meet other people studying and the tutor - so looking forward to that - it will be nice to speak with others in the same boat as me :)

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