Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Security Shield Virus

I got in late last night - ie. about 1am.

Just checked my e-mails before bed - as you do - and checked on my blog (getting a little obsessive!).

Then suddenly an anti-virus popped up on my screen telling me I must act now to remove virus etc.  It wouldn't let me click away - I had to click decline etc.
I know it isn't my anti-virus as I use anti vir and haven't installed anything else.

So I gathered it was a virus pretending to be an anti-virus software.

It took ages - I was up until gone 3am sorting it.  I downloaded Malwarebytes to fix it - but the virus was preventing me from installing it! I got really worried!

It's all gone now - sorted it out - actually, I restarted my laptop and windows did most of it and restored  my laptop.  So thanks Microsoft.

But it has got me thinking.  If that happened to my dad, he wouldn't know any better than to believe this programme claiming to be his anti-virus.  He doesn't know what is installed on his laptop.  He would have happily 'renewed' his bank details and have been conned by it.  Well - he would have rang me to check first.  Other people wouldn't though.

So watch out for this everyone - it looks quite convincing.

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