Sunday, 15 January 2012

My first blog post

So, I imagine you're wondering about the title?

Well - I bought 2 boxes of mint matchmakers over Christmas.  I know I shouldn't eat them because they make me feel sick. But I like them so much. So I bought them.

I started one box.  Ate a couple and started to think 'Ok, I should stop now, I'm starting to feel a bit sick'.
5 minutes later, I've eaten about 10 more.  And know I'm going to feel ill.  Over half way through the box I finally put them in the other room so I can't be tempted.  But spend the next hour feeling poorly.

I know mint doesn't agree with me - apparently (sometimes I feel a bit sick when I use mint toothpaste!).  But I'll never learn.

Just finished the second box.  That's it.  They've gone.  I shan't buy them again.


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