Saturday, 28 January 2012

Moscow State Circus


I recently went to see the Babushkin Sekret. 

It started off with a bit of prancing about with violins as props and a extremely odd 'storyline' about Soviet Russia and some man loosing his chairs.  There were a few glances exchanged in the audience.

But - it picked up after that. 

There was a couple of clowns - proper clowns - not like Uncle Michael dressed up at your birthday party.  They were brilliant, climbing ladders to nowhere etc.

A man and woman doing the ribbons/ropes - they were brilliant and it was so beautiful to watch.

There was an older man who was incredible - tumbling and acrobating around - fantastic.

They did grab a few people out of the audience - at which point I started to completely freak out, being on the end of a row! I managed to move during the interval thankfully.  There was some poor woman made to hula hoop with her bum.  Felt so bad for her, but it was so funny and she took it really well.

All in all - a great night out.  Not sure if I would pay the £24 again, it was very good, but I think that was a little steep.

They are still touring the UK - I believe they come every year or 2.

If anyone can tell me what the music is called on the website I would appreciate it - it was played during the circus and I really like it!

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