Sunday, 14 October 2012

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

Just started to watch this show, and quickly realised why I stopped watching.

In tears already! It is so emotional. What a great show though, I love what these people do, of course it is all tv etc but what a great thing to do.

It does make me laugh though when Ty says;

'you all live in this small house? You'll have to fit in this small sitting room?'
'all 3 of you have to share this one bathroom?'

Has he ever been in a British house?! One bathroom is more than normal, and the sitting rooms he condemns on his show are about the size of the whole downstairs of a normal semi detached house in the UK!

But still, Americanisms aside, it is a fantastic show! Just keep the tissues handy for all the tears!

Oh, I almost forgot to add, how adorable is Xzibit? What a nice guy he seems!

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