Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Room review

I downloaded this app/game for my third generation iPad. 
It cost £2.99

Wow, well worth the money! 

The idea is, you are locked in a room and need to get out. You are presented with a box with multiple connected puzzles which you must solve. It reminds me of a Japanese puzzle box slightly. Different parts affect other areas of the box etc. 

The graphics are beautiful. Not often does something really wow me, but this did. Absolutely stunning graphics and design as well. The game is well thought out and planned, hints available when you need them, and they are good hints. They don't just tell you what to do, but actually give a hint which is unusual in most puzzle solving games!

I seem to have lost sight of the Room part of the game, because, as you progress you seem to go further in, but it seems irrelevant anyway, as you are so immersed in gameplay.

Sadly, the game was over all too soon, although you are left with the promise of more to come.

Massive congratulations to Fireproof games, what an achievement for your first release. I will be keeping a close eye on what else you have to offer in future.

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