Friday, 7 December 2012

Mini Water Vortex Lamp - a review

I was given one of these two years ago for Christmas. I think. Or maybe one year.

Anyway, it has sat in its box all this time, even though I wanted to get it on display, I didn't have anywhere to put it.

This year I bought one massive desk, so tonight the lamp got its first outing.

It is really easy to set up, not sure where the instructions are, but I may have gotten them out when I received the lamp. I filled it with water, set it on the desk and plugged it in.

There is a lovely show of different colours, and the water really did vortex. Little air bubbles swoosh around in the water. Really captivating to watch. The only, major, downside is the noise. It is really noisy, and I actually had to turn it off so I could study, which is a shame, because it is lovely to look at. It sounds like a fish tank when the filter isn't quite submerged.

All in all, a great product, but not executed as well as it could be.

Here is a little film clip, to show the lamp off.

Hmm.. Well there will be soon.

**cue next post about Googles apps!**

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